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Chapter 1 - Selected Topics from Elementary Statistics (Click Here)
Hypothesis testing, confidence intervals, regression and correlation. Using SPSS to analyze large data set.

Chapter 2- Selected Topics from Calculus-Based Statistics and Probability (Click Here)
Random variables, density functions, distribution functions.

Chapter 3 - Input Probability Distributions (Click Here)
Goodness of fit tests, Poisson, normal, uniform density functions. Using SPSS to test data for goodness of fit to key density functions.

Chapter 4 - Random Number Generators (Click Here)
Linear congruential generators, empirical tests.

Chapter 5 - Generating Random Variables (Click Here)
Inverse transform, uniform, exponential densities. Statistical modeling examples with SPSS.

Chapter 6 - Application from Linear Algebra (Click Here)
A current applied problem in modeling.

Chapter 7 - Two Modeling Exercises (Click Here)
Two detailed problems which are practical applications of mathematical modeling.

Chapter 8 - Two Exemplary Student Solutions from the International Contest in Mathematical Modeling (Click Here)
Two solutions are reprinted with permission granted by COMAP.

Appendix A- Marketing and Sigfluence Survey (Click Here)
Appendix B - TI-83 Based Primer on Basic Statistics (Click Here)
Appendix C - Future Research Direction - The Triad (Click Here)

Solutions to the Odd Exercises Chapters 1-5 (Click Here)